Hippies VW Van

A Revolutionary Movement – From Baby Boomers to Hippies

The post war economic boom, people were able to purchase affordable homes, new cars and in addition new babies, the Baby Boomers. “The new standard of living in 1950s America offered an abundance of affordable homes, sleek new automobiles, miracle drugs. Science and technology seemed to have an answer for everything.”

Life was good; however, there were undesirable activities that were occurring during the 1960’s. The assassination of President Kennedy, the Vietnam war, the slow movement and the unrest in civil rights.  Hundreds of young men were dying and hundreds more were getting drafted to the army. The Baby Boomers in the 1960’s had a lot to be worried about. The thoughts of the Russia dropping nukes, and the constant fear of uncertainty can lead a country into a spiral downtrend. San Francisco was the escape. A far, far away universe where all problems vanish, a clean slate. The hippies didn’t care about much, except for living a free careless life. No money, no jobs, just live life and be happy.

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